The Power of Positive

In the absence of positivity, negativity fills the gap. That is true personally and organizationally. And nothing has the power to undermine teamwork, productivity, and mission than negativity.

Very few of us are naturally positive. In fact, science tells us that, on average, 80% of our thoughts every day are negative. But the good news is this – if we can learn to retrain our brains and “take control of our internal conversation”, we will be far more likely to fulfill our potential and accomplish our goals. Positivity is a choice. We can take control of our thoughts, words and attitudes and begin to fuel our lives with positive energy.

The benefits of positivity are irrefutable:

  • Positive People live longer and live better.
  • They exhibit healthier emotions and have closer relationships.
  • Positive marriages and families are more likely to stay together.
  • They have a greater sense of purpose and possibility along the way.

Positive Leaders are more likely to get buy-in and support from others and achieve better outcomes. They are more resilient when facing stressful situations. And they are able to see the big picture more clearly and find solutions to problems.

Positive Teams create healthy work cultures. They work together more effectively, stay more connected and committed through challenges, and report more job satisfaction. Under pressure, they come together instead of falling apart.

Positive Athletes perform better on the field. They are more likely to overcome obstacles and use adversity to their advantage. And, they make better decisions and perform better under pressure.

Bottom line is this, there is power in positivity. I have worked with thousands of people and hundreds of organizations to activate the power of positivity in their lives – both personally and professionally. And building off the platform of Jon Gordon’s best-selling books like The Energy Bus, The Positive Dog, The Power of Positive Leadership, and The Power of Positive Teams, I will help you fuel your life, work, and teams with positive energy. This is a gritty, practical, real-world approach to transforming your life and work.