The Power of Focus

Busyness and distraction are the enemies of greatness. Ask anyone today how they are doing and they will most likely answer with one simple word – “Busy.”

The pace of life has grown to a roar and most of us are struggling to just keep up. Juggling the demands of family, work and play leave us with a nagging sense of failure.

Many of us struggle with the conflict between being successful at work at the expense of our family and friends or vice versa. And most of us are so busy that we’ve lost sight of the most important things in life – the people and priorities that matter to us most.

But there’s something that each one of us can do about it to live the life we’re made to live. I don’t want to get to the end and say I didn’t become the person I was made to be or live my best life. I don’t want to miss a single opportunity to serve others or make a real difference.

Focus drives impact. Helping individuals, schools, teams, and organizations find their focus has resulted in incredible personal life change and organizational transformation.

Don’t let the noise of busyness drown out our sense of meaning and mission and drains us of our purpose and passion. By discovering your One Word theme for the year you will live with more clarity, purpose and passion than ever before. One word creates laser-like focus for positive life change. You will be able to eliminate the noise and cut the confusion to become everything your made to be.

I have personally experienced the power of One Word for the last 20 years. I’ve had the privilege to launch One Word with professional and collegiate teams, major universities, school systems, and companies and watched it transform lives and organizations. One Word can do the same for you.